Sip. Make. Do.

In that order.

Or not. That’s just how I do things. What I sip, what I do, and what I make are often very different with incredibly different outcomes.

Most of my life’s decisions have been made this way. Like this Fall when Bryan and I went out for tacos during happy hour. We had a couple margaritas, decided to get a second dog before our third basket of chips arrived, then buzz-dialed a breeder after we got home. Other times it’s a black coffee from a drive thru, a “quick run” to Hobby Lobby and $103 worth of craft supplies to make an item I refused to buy for $9 finished.

I’m Jamie and I am the accidental owner of Girasole Home, LLC.

I am a business owner, a dog mom, and wife. I wish I had been born a century earlier because I would have liked to be my now-age in the 1940’s– I like flirty aprons, painted furniture, Edith Piaf on vinyl, wood-paneled trucks, and clean shaven GI’s. (lol) I like to cook while listening to sad, French music. I had the biggest and baddest hair in high school despite almost having to repeat the 12th grade because I preferred suntanning on the hood of my car listening to Whitesnake over attending algebra class. I love white paint, live auctions, big breakfasts, and road trips. I jam to Jesus music in the morning when I start work; after lunch, I make the Pandora-switch to angry, heavy-eyelinered lady rockers. I like tart cocktails with lime (I smell margaritas!) I LOVE dip of all kinds and will use just about anything to scoop it into my pie hole–chips, crackers, pretzels, a knife, my finger.

I’m an imperfect person with an imperfect method for making imperfectly things perfectly lovable.

I can’t wait to sip, make, do with you. I’ll share decorating ideas, the best margarita and dip recipes I’ve found, and encouragement to help you create a life that brings you peace, joy, and fulfillment.

Welcome to my imperfectly perfect space.